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Agriculture is an integral part of life, civilization, and economy, with applications ranging from food to medicine. Current estimates put thrusts like precision agriculture at 4 billion USD (by 2018) with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13%. This initiative seeks to foster innovation in (g1) sensors and platforms, (g2) eXplainable artificial intelligence (XAI) for data-2-information, and (g3) data translation for implementation in agriculture. These goals address the spectrum of sensing to visualization to decisions and actions, with an emphasis on trustworthy and transparent human-in- and human-over-the-loop solutions.

The DDAg Initiative aims to increase MU cross- and inter-disciplinary activities in (g1)-(g3) by funding internal seed projects, connecting faculty, educating students, exploring curriculum options, and resources to increase external visibility and funding.


MU research groups interested in big data and agriculture, collaborative, interdisciplinary research and problem solving.     

Full Mission Statement

Upcoming Events: 

All-sensor Day - Sept/16th at 10am, Bradford

Journal Club - Sept/19th at 11am, S201 M. Union

Ideas Lab- TBD


Contacting Persons:

Initiative co-leaders

Derek T. Anderson, Electrical Eng. and Computer Science (EECS); 573 882 3905

Gui DeSouza, Electrical Eng. and Computer Science (EECS); 573 882 5579

Felix Fritschi, Plant Sciences; 573 882 3023

MUII Supporting staffs

Chi-Ren Shyu, Director of  MU Informatics Institute ; 573-882-9007 

Rob Sanders, Fiscal and Post-Award,  MU Informatics Institute ; 573-882-9007 

Watch your steps!!  Heavily under construction!

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